Asphalt Maintenance & Repair

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Asphalt overlays are often the most cost-effective and best solution to rejuvenating your existing parking lot or driveway. We apply a hot adhesive tar to the existing pavement and supply a new asphalt layer on top.


Asphalt patching is a cost-effective way to repair your asphalt surface. By repairing potholes, low areas, or broken sections you get an instant improvement in look and safety while protecting against further damage and erosion to your pavement.

Catch Basin Repairs

Catch basins are used to collect water runoff from the lot, and regular maintenance should not be neglected. To ensure proper slope for water runoff, the catch basin may have to be repaired or adjusted. Catch basin replacements or adjustments may include fixing an uneven grate, pavement depressions, pavement cracking surrounding the catch basin or a major pothole beside the catch basin.

Pothole Repairs

Potholes are caused by vulnerable areas in the sub-base gravel under the pavement. As vehicles pass over the weak spot in the pavement, the asphalt depresses, causing the material to break down from the weight and creating further damage.

Crack Filling

Asphalt crack filling is vital to maintaining the longevity of your asphalt surface. Water can penetrate cracks and weaken the sub-base of your asphalt pavement surface. Proper crack filling and sealing is a must in maintaining your asphalt investment. We use commercial-grade hot pour rubberized products to ensure the longest possible solution.

Seal Coating

Asphalt seal coating is often the best protection for your asphalt. Our high-quality asphalt sealer combined with our commercial equipment provides exceptional protection against harmful elements. Extend the life of your asphalt while restoring a ‘like new’ appearance at a minimal cost. 

Asphalt Repair in Calgary

Asphalt is a significant investment that requires regular maintenance from qualified professionals. When asphalt starts to crack, give Holloway Paving a call, one of Calgary’s most established and trustworthy asphalt and paving companies

We have established a reliable reputation and good name on the principles of quality workmanship, transparency and openness, and dedicated customer service. As a family-operated and owned business, we know everything there is to know about asphalt repair and maintenance in Calgary.   

With strategic techniques passed on from generation to generation, coupled with advanced tools and equipment, you can have confidence leaving your asphalt repairs in the hands of our team of qualified professionals.

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Asphalt Repairs & Upgrades With Holloway

Here at Holloway Paving, the trade of asphalt repair in Calgary has been passed down from generation to generation. It has enabled us to perfect the craft and ensure we deliver the quality that reflects our good name. 


We have assisted Calgary and Southern Alberta for decades, servicing the City of Calgary, Rocky View and various other municipalities, as well as commercial and industrial establishments. Over time, we have assisted with multiple projects, encompassing a wide array of work.


From asphalt paving to catch basin installations, there is no limit to what our experienced team do. We will put our experience to the test with any asphalt project, regardless of size, workload or challenging circumstances.

Legacy Business

At Holloway Paving, we’re carrying on the legacy left by our grandfather who spent years in the industry. Armed with experience, passion, and outstanding customer service, we continue to make our mark in the paving world.

Quality Care

As a local-based company, we’re passionate about helping local businesses thrive, offering a single point of contact and unmatched levels of customer service. At Holloway Paving, we’re all about our customers.

Valuable Service

With competitive prices and the most durable paving solution in Calgary, we offer incredible bang for your buck. We deliver exceptional value by determining the root cause of a problem and providing a lasting solution.

Full Transparency

We’re quick to respond to all requests, and we’re open and transparent about the services we deliver. Our quoting process is simple and straightforward, proof that we never overcharge for our premium services.

Improving the Client Experience

At Holloway Paving, we approach our clients with honesty and transparency. We believe that the key to establishing long-term relationships with clients is to be straightforward, transparent, and personable. We will take the time to listen to your project concerns before explaining our approach to asphalt repair in Calgary. You can expect on-going support and open communication from our team throughout the duration of the work and beyond. Whether you are developing a new parking lot or you require asphalt maintenance across Calgary, our mission is to leave you satisfied with the result. Contact Holloway Paving for the best asphalt services.


It is recommended that asphalt be maintained regularly to prevent the surface from deteriorating and to maintain the aesthetics of the asphalt.

Yes. If the cracks are not repaired right away, they will develop into bigger problems such as potholes and large cracks.

Under Alberta’s climate conditions, asphalt should last approximately 10 to 20 years.

Yes, we do. We will be happy to provide you with a quote based on the extent of work required.