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Asphalt Paving
Asphalt Paving

From new parking lots and roadways to public paths and sports centres, we are a full-service paving company. Holloway is the #1 name for quality asphalt paving and asphalt overlays in Calgary.
Asphalt Maintenance & Repair
Asphalt Maintenance & Repair

Calgary’s climate can be tough on asphalt, but we perform asphalt patching, crack sealing, line marking, and more for municipal, industrial, or commercial projects of any size.
Excavation & Granular
Excavation & Granular

Excavation and granular services involve site preparation for new construction or paving installation, including gravelling and site grading. This service also includes hauling and clean-up.
Concrete Construction
Concrete Construction

We perform concrete construction for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients. In addition to pouring new sidewalks and driveways, we also handle concrete repairs.

The Top Name in Paving Companies in Calgary

Holloway is a household name when it comes to Calgary paving. As a generational company, we derive value from providing our customers with the most personal and professional experience. 


At Holloway Paving, we’ve taken expertise from decades of our family’s knowledge and experience in asphalt paving to perfect the process and develop a brand that will not be outdone in quality, service, or results. 


You can count on Holloway Paving to be the Calgary paving company that gets the job done. Fixing potholes, cracks, and bumps in your paved surfaces is a matter of safety, but to us, it’s also a matter of pride in what we do. 


Municipalities from across Southern Alberta rely on the high standard of services we provide to keep their citizens safe and improve the functionality of their roadways and parking lots. From asphalt repair to concrete work, we specialize in all things asphalt and paving. 


Call Holloway Paving today to request a complimentary consultation for your community, business, or commercial property.

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We're Different From Other Calgary Paving Companies

While Holloway Paving is a top name in the industry, we never want to lose our grass-roots family feel. We build strong customer relations and establish a single point of contact for all projects. The owners are hands-on in the business, overseeing and guiding all asphalt paving, asphalt repair, concrete construction, and other services.  


We are honest, transparent, and upfront about our services. Unlike other Calgary paving companies, we don’t merely patch up problems, we identify the underlying cause and apply our expert knowledge to fix and prevent future issues.


We serve areas in Southern Alberta, including the areas surrounding Calgary, Airdrie, Rocky View, Springbank, and Bearspaw. 


Boasting faster response times, new equipment, and competitive pricing, Holloway Paving is the #1 choice for asphalt experts and paving contractors in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Legacy Business

At Holloway Paving, we’re carrying on the legacy left by our grandfather who spent years in the industry. Armed with experience, passion, and outstanding customer service, we continue to make our mark in the paving world.

Quality Care

As a local-based company, we’re passionate about helping local businesses thrive, offering a single point of contact and unmatched levels of customer service. At Holloway Paving, we’re all about our customers.

Valuable Service

With competitive prices and the most durable paving solution in Calgary, we offer incredible bang for your buck. We deliver exceptional value by determining the root cause of a problem and providing a lasting solution.

Full Transparency

We’re quick to respond to all requests, and we’re open and transparent about the services we deliver. Our quoting process is simple and straightforward, proof that we never overcharge for our premium services.

Calgary Paving Contractors Here to Serve You

Specializing in new asphalt construction for subdivisions, parking lots, pathways, driveways, and roadways, we also perform asphalt overlays and all maintenance and repairs, including patching, crack filling, seal coating, pothole repairs, and resurfacing. Our Calgary paving contractors do it all.


We also excel in concrete construction and repairs for driveways, curbs, sidewalks, and flatwork. Concrete and asphalt each hold unique properties, making them better suited for specific purposes. We offer recommendations and education for all ongoing maintenance and repairs of your surfaces. 


In addition to asphalt and concrete work, you can count on Holloway Paving for excavation and granular and snow removal services.


At Holloway Paving, we put our name on the line to guarantee that our approach aligns with our vision and values. You can have confidence knowing that we would not do anything to tarnish or discredit our family name and reputation. Get started with the most trusted paving.