Asphalt crack filling is essential for maintaining the quality and integrity of any asphalt surface. It’s an extremely cost-effective and efficient way of prolonging the usable life of your pavement and preventing the need to replace it early.

Done properly and as part of a regular maintenance schedule, asphalt crack filling helps you get the most out of your pavement. Let’s take a closer look at why asphalt crack filling is so important.

Why Asphalt Crack Filling is Important

Prevents Water Damage

Water can be extremely destructive to asphalt pavements, and asphalt crack filling is one way to stop water from getting in. The more water penetrates the surface of your asphalt, the more likely it is to affect the subbase, and the more extensive and expensive future damage can be. Asphalt crack filling prevents this by sealing the cracks in your asphalt pavement and preventing water from getting in in the first place.  

Improves Your Pavement’s Appearance

Have you noticed an increasing number of small cracks all over your asphalt pavement? The fact that cracks on asphalt are unsightly shouldn’t come as a surprise. Asphalt crack filling is generally sufficient to patch up small cracks and rough spots and improve your pavement’s overall appearance.

Of course, asphalt crack filling should only serve as an interim solution until it’s time to reseal your pavement – another important part of asphalt maintenance that restores your pavement to its former glory.

Prevents Costly Repairs

The longer cracks are ignored, the wider and worse they’ll get. This will eventually result in costly asphalt repairs, or even total resurfacing or replacement. Naturally, the cost of asphalt crack filling pales in comparison to the cost of asphalt resurfacing or replacement, so be sure to add crack filling to your asphalt maintenance schedule if you want to avoid hefty repair bills down the line.

Prevents Future Damage

Finally, asphalt crack filling reinforces the existing pavement’s structure and helps prevent future damage. Like we mentioned earlier, cracks can turn into larger cracks which, in turn, can turn into potholes.

Large cracks and potholes don’t only compromise your asphalt pavement’s structural integrity but could also lead to liability issues should someone trip or a vehicle be damaged on your property. Never underestimate how much money a simple repair like a crack fill can save you in the long run.

Asphalt Crack Filling in Calgary

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